Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A decision is made..what now?

Well I finally received a decision concerning my multiple medical claims through the VA and only after I got my state Senator involved. This is irritating enough in itself because you would think think that a organization would not need 22 months to make a determination about compensation.
So here it is I received a 70% disability rating for PTSD. When I read the findings I found it was pretty spot on in description. But then my brain starting going and I started thinking

1) Do I tell anybody I have a "disability".

2) As a soon to be Clinical Social Worker how will it affect my career as well as the thoughts that my professional peers may have?

3) Do I tell people that I have PTSD and if I do are they going to think that I might "explode" or go off and kill people (I was a sniper for a majority of my career).

4) and last but not least why can't I get my retirement pay and compensation pay at the same time? That is BS because I worked for 21 years to be able to receive that money every month the compensation is just that compensation for the crap you have to endure.

5) So I have a 70% rating, what does that mean? What entitlements are out there for those with a rating like this?

So I ask you all what did you do or think when you got your rating? Tell me what you think about my questions are the valid or am I just being pessimistic about the whole thing.