Monday, June 9, 2014

Healing our Hero's and Family

As I move close to graduation from USC I began to think about what it was I truly wanted and how could I use my experience and education to help my fellow service members and Vet's. That is when I began to toy with opening a nonprofit that would focus on helping not only those Vet's that qualify for VA services and family members but, also those Vet's who do not. So as of May 2014 I have begun to see this dream become a reality. and I have now started Healing our Hero's & Family Our Mission: Healing Our Hero’s and Families mission is to “Provide military veterans, current service members and their families with therapeutic care and to help enrich their personal and family lives.” The road to recovery following a traumatic experience can be difficult to navigate alone. Healing our Hero’s and Families is an organization that was created to provide service members, veterans and family members with tools and resources to fully engage in life. Yadira and Gene have combined forces to help families develop practical solutions to problems associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression. Special emphasis is also placed on the family members and children of veterans who may be experiencing secondary trauma or even caregiver burnout. Healing our Hero’s and Families also provide services for veterans who do not qualify for Veterans Affairs services. We serve: All current service members Veterans of all eras of combat Victims of Military Sexual Trauma Those veterans and family members that do not qualify for VA or Vet Center services. Children, Spouses and Family members of veterans and current service members. Programs Offered: Individual, group, couples and family counseling Military Culture Training Caregiver support and groups Sand Tray Therapy Art Therapy Crisis Management Please visit my website www.HEALINGHEROS.ORG We are also able to accept donations through this site, please help me by passing this on to organizations that could help us on a successful launch.