Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Idea to take the 'D' out of PTSD being studied

The biggest problem the Army and service members face is the stigma that is associated with a PTSD diagnosis. If we can beat this we will get those who need help the help they need. In being true to my preaching I have decided to speak with a counselor even if it just for a wellness check and to ensure that there is something I am not seeing. Do the same.....
"A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry in October found that soldiers were two to four times more willing to report PTSD, depression, and suicidal thoughts if they were allowed to answer a survey anonymously, rather than put their names on a routine post-deployment screening form."

Idea to take the 'D' out of PTSD being studied


  1. Nice. I see you too are a former JarHead Top--Semper Fi!

    It is NOT PTSD in most of our cases, its readjusment that we struggle with....the D does need to go. It's not easy to be there, and come home, with a different lense through which we see the world. Anyone who is NOT affected by some of the shit we've experienced....they have the DISORDER!

    It is a normal response to abnormal circumstances. The DIAGNOSIS---simply gets you paid fromt he VA. I call it "my shit"-that I deal with in therapy and on my own....talking around the smoking barrel was the safest place to do that...because there, other Joes are more honest.

    and talk therapy, it's like a debriefing or chior practice....time to unpack that duffel or seabag and sort out all that funky laundry and filthy shit we tend to end up with in the bottoms of those bags....lay it all out on the deck...look through it all and air it out, then slowly put it back away...with a lettle better understanding of what exactly you have in there.

    Do this enough times, you'll slowly begin to make sense of what your holding on to and what you can DX or let go.

    Dont worry about the label. It's your bag, your shit, let them call it what they want...We're not broken, what we've been through---that's DISORDERLY!

    I reposted this from a thread on http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003397047887#!/pages/Iraq-Afghanistan-Veterans-PTSD-TBI-and-Physical-Wounds/234254133321776