Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How many miles will you pledge this Memorial Day?

wear blue Runs for the Fallen
This Memorial Day, we are asking members of our worldwide community to hit the streets and run in honor of the fallen. A long run, or short walk, the distance doesn't matter. But we are asking members to go online and pledge miles in honor of the Fallen so that together we can create a community dedicated to honoring the ultimate sacrifice.
While Americans may pause to reflect, for many, Memorial Day represents a long weekend typically filled with backyard celebrations and sunshine. For members of wear blue: run to remember, it is a day to remember each life sacrificed in a positive, life-affirming way.
Photo by Zach Wingfield - Amica Seattle Marathon
It is not about pledging money, it's about pledging miles so that together we can create a living memorial. How many miles should you run? What number is meaningful to you?
 3 miles for the 3 years you have been deployed?
 5 miles for the 5 branches of the American Military?
 9 miles for the 9 times you moved while in the military?
 11 miles for the 11 years since September 11, 2001?

LT Kim XO, Me and CPT Hallett Commander A Co 1-17th, NTC 2009
Wear Blue was started by Lisa Hallett after the death of her husband CPT John Hallett (I was his First Sergeant in A Company 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry) John died during our deployment to Afghanistan in 2009. This is a phenomenal organization and something great to be a part of. My fiancée Cynthia (http://rundreamlaugh.blogspot.com/) is an avid supporter and has participated in several projects with them. She will be running the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon with them this year.
Me running the XTC Boise foothills 12k 2011

Cytnhia running the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon with
the wear blue: run to remember group.

"6,444 American Service Members have given their lives in the Global War on Terror. This Memorial Day, pledge to run or walk at least 1 mile in honor of our Soldiers. Please follow the link below to pledge your miles and share this on your Facebook status so others can pledge their miles too. " from wear blue website.
So pledge your miles and post on either my Facebook page or on my Blog as a comment. Cynthia has pledge 27 miles and here are the names we are running for;
Iraq (Mosul 2004-2005) 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment 
CPT William Jacobsen, JR. 21 Dec, 2004
SSG Robert Johnson 21 Dec 2004
SPC Lionel Ayro Dec 21, 2004
SPC Clint Gertson Feb 19,2005
1SG Michael Bordelon May 10, 2005
SGT Robert Ayres III Sept 29, 2007
Afghanistan (2009-2010) 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry 
SGT Tom Troy 18 Aug 2009
CPT John Hallett  25 Aug 2009
SPC Dennis Williams 25 Aug 2009
SPC Kevin Graham 26 Sep 2009
SPC Kyle Coumas 21 Oct 2009

So get off your butt and hit the street with your unit PT shirt on, you will feel beter when you open that beer later......


  1. I got this from a friend and wanted to share with you all. I hope he will inspire you all you all to post.

    (1stSgt retired)Gene Hicks,
    Id post this on your wall post but I dont like drawing attention to myself. I just want to tell you that you and your fiance Cynthia are so motivating to not only us soldiers but it seems like its for civilians as well. I read your article on the running part and again its very motivating I just want to bust out of work and run. I thought Id tell you that I was hurt at work in 2010 with a pretty bad hernia. I wasnt able to work for 5 months including before and after the surgery. As time went on I slowly gained weight considering the only thing I could do was be a couch potatoe. Eventually I went back to work and of course being the stubborn person I am I worked to hard once again damaging my surgical area. So after that I did a bunch of office jobs since I couldnt work in a labor postion anymore. I gained weight all the way up to 245 lbs. I wasnt proud of myself needless to say and I was ashamed of what ive become. Between staring at my class A's and reading you and your fiances inspirational words I have lost nearly 50lbs in almost 5 months. The thing that motivated me the most was being able to wear my Class A's some day when I visit my sister and while there meet up with some of the Deuce whomever may be there. Just know that even though you dont know it you 2 are motivating people even if its unknown to you. You just have that type of leadership that people want to follow. I honestly dont know what to call you thats why I put the rank and name in there because I honestly respect you that much as I know others do. Thanks for reading this long message but I thought Id tell you what type of people you 2 are. Its great to be running again with my Deuce Four PT shirt.

  2. I ended up hoofing it 13.3 miles that day, about 40 lbs in my ruck, pushing the stroller. I was aiming for 17 miles, but cut it short because my butt is so out of shape...

    I wore my A co. 1/24, 3rd platoon Angels of Death shirt and almost got ran over by some disrespectful assholes on Ocean Shores Blvd, but made it safely. I would not have cared so much if it was just me, but I had my daughter with me... Why do people disrespect us so much, or do they just think that I will dive off the road with the stroller, because on a two-lane, one-way road, no other traffic coming, apparently I'm in THEIR way... Sorry, other than that, it was a pleasant walk that I was able to fully reflect on our fallen brothers, once I got off the main road that is.

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner or post my pledge of mileage prior to the day, but for what it is worth, the pain was good, but sometimes I feel that I need more of it to fully honour them...