Sunday, July 15, 2012

Battling BARE

Found this on Facebook from a group called Battling BARE . I think it is great that people are becoming more attentive towards our soldiers and the invisible wounds they suffer from.
Broken by battle,
Wounded by war,
My love is FOREVER.....
To this I Swore,
I will quiet your silent screams,
... Help heal shattered souls, Until once again MY LOVE,
You are Whole.......
On another note I have been receiving some great e-mails from friends throughout the community on my educational and professional endeavors and I just want to thank you all for all the support and encouragement each of you give me. Trust is something that veterans do not give very lightly because it is something that is earned through sharing hardships and building a bond that is forever. Somehow I think that the VA has forgotten this. Trust is what I am going to bring to my community of Veterans here in Boise. Trust that someone cares and someone really wants to see them get better.
I was talking with a real good friend of mine this weekend and he brought up a great point about the need to communicate and I began to think about how Veterans who may have never met before can meet for the first time and just start talking. I think it is great and I enjoy every person that I meet and try and encourage and support wellness.
Although times are trying for some do not forget that you have a friend here in the Gem state that is willing to listen to you.

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