Saturday, August 18, 2012

The first of many but a life time of memories

In December of 2008 I was given the privilege to be promoted to First Sergeant and given the equal privilege to be placed as an Infantry First Sergeant to my friend Captain John Hallett In A Company 1st battalion, 17th Infantry. Being the new "kids on the block" to some other seasoned command teams we shared a command vision that helped us become successful in combat and to overcome some very trying times in our deployment.
I remember John calling me on a Saturday and asking me to meet him at a Denny's in Lakewood for breakfast so that we could discuss our plans for training and to share our philosophy of leadership. I will talk more about John later. In this post I just wanted to share a remembrance of SGT Troy O. Tom.

SGT Tom was one the first Soldiers I met when I toured the company my first day and I just remember his huge smile. A soft spoken leader who rarely raised his voice because his actions spoke even louder. He led by example and touched many of us with his genuine concern and love of his Soldiers and the respect of his leaders.

SGT Tom was killed on August 18, 2009, he would be the first Soldier that A Company 1-17th would lose during the deployment. 3rd Platoon "Dirty Pirates" were attached to another company in the Arghandab Valley. I rememeber sitting down to write his mother a letter, one of the hardest things I have had to do.

SGT Tom thank you for you service and you will never be forgotten...Attu 7

Xavier Mascare–as/The Daily Times; Army Sgt. Troy Orion Tom's mother accepts the flag that was covering his casket from Brig. Gen. Kurt Story on Wednesday at the burial at Farmington's Greenlawn Cemetery following his memorial at the Farmington Civic Center.
Xavier Mascare–as/The Daily Times

SGT Tom being carried to his final resting site.Xavier Mascare–as/The Daily Times


  1. Rest in peace Tom. My miles this weekend will be dedicated to you.

  2. Awesome article, Gene. Not a day goes by that I don't think about Tom. RIP Troy, you are missed by us all.